i was lucky enough to get my paws on a box of original vintage photos of , taken by photographer , who started taking photos of the town as a student in 1938.  the photos are from a book called discover historic stellenbosch. if you’re a stellenbosch resident (or frequent visitor) you’ll recognise all these spots…

hold on a second while i mentally jump up and down from excitement at the discovery of this local style blog , by (transplants from england and canada respectively). as far as i can see most of these photos were taken in stellenbosch in and around the university campus, which means i am doubly excited. nice little interviews, quality writing, beautiful photos and excellent local style is the word of the day at

took a little stroll through town & discovered this beauty at the . it wasn’t up on the wall yet and the gallery assistant couldn’t tell me how much it was going for… but i love it. painted by waalko dingemans, 1954.

подростковый велосипед Haibike