ok i’m calling it, this is the best thing i have seen on the internet this year. it combines my favourite things: amazingly talented creativity + beautiful imagery. it’s like those colour comparisons i used to do (remember them??) but taken to another level.

is an artist and floral designer based in London whose side project reinvents art, film and fashion imagery as floral arrangements. follow along and check out the entire series on her website. she also sells these as .

thank you to for the tip. she was one of my first sponsors on the blog years ago when she still ran Paper + Chain. we still follow each other , and she’s expecting a baby soon!


  1. Wow!!! Yes! Incredible! How does she only have 1.8k followers on Instagram. Following her immediately! Thank you

  2. That has to be one of the most incredible things I’ve seen on the internet. Beautiful — The Scream and the Otto Dix are masterpieces of interpretation. Gorgeous.

    (And I do remember your colour comparisons, which I absolutely loved. So so glad you’ve started blogging again, your posts are always an inspiration.)

  3. I’m so glad for all your latest posts, and this artist : wow. I’m just in an awe.
    Thank you !

  4. Wow I love this so much. So glad you’re blogging again.

  5. Thank you for sharing, it’s incredible ! SO beautiful, very creative. I’m following her right away.

  6. We have a similar exhibit every year here at the de young museum in SF called bouquets to art.

  7. I love these, thanks for sharing! The Minneapolis Institute of Art does a series like this one weekend every April called “Art in Bloom” — it is a delight to walk through the exhibits.

    (It looks like a lot of other US museums do this too, which is fantastic! )

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