i’ve been considering doing gift guides this year because i find myself with some time in the mornings to blog again (hooray! thanks new baby for napping long stretches). and while looking around gathering ideas i have found some GOODIES. and you know i can never resist sharing a goodie.

these are SO good (25% off at ):

beautiful jewellery by :

i feel like seashells are really in right now? cool posters by :

this has to be the cutest dutch oven, :

these new by Beklina (!!!!)

great new pieces for summer by :

is a nice shop that sells cool jewellery:

these prints by :

jewels by :

this belt by :

clothes by local label :

more cool prints! this time by :

cute accessories by :

jewels by (more seashells!)


  1. I do hope that you make a gift guide! I just love your ideas. :)

  2. So glad to hear you have time to entertain me. I enjoy every post.

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