Jewels Jewels Jewels! say that nine times fast. because this is the ninth instalment of my Jewels posts, a round-up of all the jewellery i am loving at the moment. i seem to be doing these around July each year, who knows why. maybe it’s cause i have that mid-year winter itch where the weather is dreary and i want to brighten up my vibe with some jewellery. but that is a LIE because the weather is GREAT here. seriously we just installed a fireplace yesterday because it was so cold a few weeks ago, and now i’m walking around in t-shirts everyday. but let’s not talk about the weather, let’s talk about sparkly things.

Eny Lee Parker uses clay as her medium to create objects, furniture and lighting – and !

Anne Manns currently has two collections: and

i own two pieces by SA based label and they are wonderful!

i didn’t realise is making jewellery now, but it is naturally all very covetable

ugh i love EVERYTHING makes

Erica’s designs are unique not just in design, but also that is individually handmade

Gisele’s new collection is called

my two favourite collections from Wolf & Moon are  and

Cape Town local finally has a website for me (and everyone) to drool over!

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