i’ve had a few requests for gift guides this year (2016’s colour gift guides were a huge hit!) but dang, i just haven’t had the time. also we are leaving for our summer holiday on Thursday!!! we’re actually taking holiday way earlier than we usually do, since Anton and i both freelance we decided to take the gap – after a long, hard year – and just go for it.

that said, i made some time to put together a list of things for totally last minute treat yo self gift guide. these are basically the things i would go out and buy myself. so if you know someone who is anything like me, or likes the things that are posted on this blog, then this is for them! or forward this to your significant other – a hint is always welcome. or perhaps you ultimately just want to treat YOURSELF? then go ahead, you don’t need an excuse. not even Christmas, this is for any day of the year.

the less branding, the better. fit the bill.

have you ever wanted a fancy plant mister? oh, you didn’t know that you did? me neither!

this might seem like a weird gift, but the perfect pair of jeans go a looooong way.

a brass belt buckle hand crafted by Kaye Blegvad. why wouldn’t you want one?

the only beauty product that any girl needs for the perfect brow.

i wear , and i’ve never been complimented more by strangers “what are you wearing??”

these are the . i also like and and and  and  and .

this particular one is by . i also like and and and .

i know, i know. do i need more stripe tops? maybe not. do i need ? YES.

sells amazing original prints by SA artists. by Nkuli of is a fave.

i am predictable like this, but (ahem, ‘balm’) never leaves my bag.

a ? sign me up. also the colour choices are just fantastic.

mugs are honestly one of my favourite gifts. i also like and and .

what can i say? i like avoiding people on the streets and this is the best way to do that.

the most flattering thing to wear on Christmas Day, whether it’s hot or cold. i like the too.

i like too. don’t like colour? always works.

The new is a must have. also and .

These ones are by . i also like and and and .

I’m also going to keep adding ideas to the .


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  1. Love this list!

    I don’t know if you’ve tried the everlane jeans but I did. I wanted so badly to love them (real denim!) but they were all sorts of weird. The back pockets sat really low and the length was short. Even the normal 32″ length was more of an ankle length especially if you are over 170cm.

    That dress is lovely – I’ve been trying not to buy polyester and that makes finding a nice dress SO HARD.

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