here are ten THINGS!

one of my favourite voyeuristic things at the moment is seeing life through  since she moved from NYC  to Provence. (do you guys remember way back when it was hosted on Tumblr?). she visits old chateaus and shops at the local market and dresses up in fresh white linen – all the while taking insanely beautiful . follow her now if you don’t already! her are the best.

i love these new framed woodblock prints by :

is a fun project by Terrence Caviar “inspired by diners lacking the luxury of being seated at a table”

if you saw my post from earlier today about stalking mid-century homes, :

these are amazing and next-level (wish we had something like this here!)

a playground of another sort: have you seen at her home in Long Island? she has had the same landscaper – Miranda Brooks – working on it for 20 years. it’s the most beautiful wild, rambling garden ever. “The whole of the place is conceived as very relaxed… it appears very natural, it appears fairly effortless. It’s not. At all. There’s a combination of wanting order, so the architecture side of it is very planned and every view has been thought about, but I want it to feel loose and I don’t want it to have any rigidity to it. So maybe that’s where our two personalities meet.” be sure to watch the video.

i love these :

i love :

some of the amazing ways :

beautiful seaweed and coral inspired jewellery by (very Matisse-esque)

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