above: jewellery by

Jewels! here it is again, my sort of annual round up of cool new jewels out there… besides all the jewellery i blog about seemingly all year long. edition huit, ‘eight’ in french. huit. sounds like a whistle. and these jewels sure are pretty. *whistles*

such interesting jewellery made from lucite! i love .

who doesn’t like ? no one, that’s who. my fav: the

when last did you see ankle bracelets? are making some .

i love these chunky, bulbous organic shapes by … can’t pick a favourite to be honest.

the Nude series of are just wonderful.

beautiful theatrical pieces, these (chandeliers?) are out of this world.

those chandelier are beautiful, but the simple are also super cool.

i like these that look like shells ( too)


more chunky, organic shapes (love these!) – i think the are my favourite.

i loooooove these . also the are cute.

some more awesome womanly pieces by

these are dramatic and beautiful

tough choice, but the are my favourite

i’m definitely an earrings gal at the moment! are great.

Open House Projects

known for their , but i like . also available at .

interesting here


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