Gisele Human’s is going places. i feel like every time i see her work she has just leveled up. the new collection is outstanding, but the lookbook is equally gorgeous. everything from the photography to the styling and hair and makeup… wow. i feel like i want to hire all the talent to makeover my life into some Lynchian dream. anyway enough fantasizing about starring in my own personal Blue Velvet (that would be weird, anyway) – you should check out the new collection .

The concept for the shoot was ‘Technicolor Melodrama’. Looking back to glamorous old movies, Lynch, Wim Wenders etc, but also perfume ads and the idea of the femme fatale and the meticulously put-together mise-en-scene. It felt relevant to our world, it being so full of drama, and jewellery being such an absolute luxury, that we wanted to create some satire.

i can’t decide which piece is my favourite yet – it’s probably between the or the earrings, but i also love the . Photographer:  | Art direction: | H&MU:  | Model: .

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