here’s something nice and peaceful for you on this fine Thursday. i discovered the work of photographed , whose   i was intending to feature, when i saw  he photographer about an order of nuns who live in the wilderness of British Columbia. a bit of googling later and i found the about the  in magazine – read it .

Deep in the Squamish Valley, the Catholic nuns of Queen of Peace Monastery followed their god into the mountains. But who are these women living in habitual peace far from the city? Meet an ex-national Nordic ski racer, Tanzanian sisters and the Canadian West Coast nuns who practice their religion where most recreate.


  1. Rosalinda

    How lovely! Thank you for finding and sharing!

  2. Great share, love the unique bit of exploration here ??

  3. Anouchka

    I went to boarding school in the south of France with the same nuns (Dominican). These photographs brought me beautiful souvenirs. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a fascinating life they lead! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I absolutely love Kari Medigs work. The photo of the two women on the field is so magical. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. florence

    love this! sometimes i want to live like these sisters do…

  8. This is beautiful I had no idea this beautiful place existed, and it is my own country.

  9. I literally just found a copy of this magazine in my neighbourhood Little Free Library today! Now i’m excited to delve in and read this article! :)

  10. Love these pics. Nuns have amazing sense of aesthetics. In their clothes and in their interiors. It’s fascinating!

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