guys, following the fashion shows is exhausting. is only in London now, which means Paris and Milan still have to come! i looked at (what felt like) hundreds of shows and realised I’d only scratched the surface of New York fashion week. so, instead of doing an exhaustive rundown i decided just to pair some of my favourite pieces from various designers – who have shown thus far – with some interesting contemporary art.

some who didn’t make the cut, but pieces i LOVED, are the entire collection, , everything by , all these ,  and (ha!). if you guys like this post then i’ll carry this over to the rest of the fashion weeks. we all know is always good…

runway images courtesy of . paintings courtesy of . individual links included below.

Alice + Olivia / MARY DEUTSCHMAN Metroparks, Diminuendo in Blues
Diane von Furstenberg / JOSEPH O'SICKEY, Dark Garden with Plum Tree
Apiece Apart / ERIKA DUQUE, Ya Casi
Rosie Assoulin / GREGG LAANANEN, Sunny Day Chewuch
Warm / GUY YANAI, Fox Hill Road - Grey Clouds Over The Old City
Novis / JOSEPH FERRISO, Interior Courtyard
Tory Burch / RONNIE FORD, Hilltop Village, Provence 2
Osklen / LANCE MORRISON, Wave 16
Tanya Taylor / ERIK PARRA, Day for Night
Cynthia Rowley / CHRISTINA CRAEMER, White Fire Lines
Oscar de la Renta / EGUCHI AYANE, Inkberry
Roksanda / JEFFREY PITT, What Lies Beneath
Phelan / ERIC PEYRET, Empire State Building
Erin Fetherston / ALEXIA VOGEL, Looming


  1. Love these, always! The Empire State Building one stood out in particular–but wow. WOW.

  2. These are my very favorite posts of yours! Clever, fun and totally original. Please keep it up for the rest of the fashion weeks, even though it’s exhausting and you’ve got the little guy to balance <3

  3. These look so good, I love the combination of the art and the dresses!

    – Natalie

  4. Fran Shenker Reply

    I love these pairings — so cleverly thought through and inspiring , Thank you xx

  5. Fashion week coverage usually feels overwhelming and a little inaccessible to me but this is AMAZING!

  6. This is fabulous! I knew there was a reason why I constantly check your blog.

    Love your eye.

  7. These models are SO unnaturally thin its hard to look at them. I hope my daughters never see these pics.

  8. The only #FashionWeek round up you need to see. Art imitating life imitating art.

  9. comments like these make me lol. so you want your daughters not to see 99.9% of fashion models? ?…

  10. This is a stunning pairing of #NYFW and their painted (perceived) counterparts by @missmoss:

  11. When #fashion meets #contemporary #art – recap of #NYFW Spring 17 via @miss_moss

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