this month a year ago (!) i shared the apartment of Madelynn Furlong, the creative gal behind blog . you have probably seen Madelynn pop up all over the stylish corners of the internet this past year, doing collaborations with various fashionable brands like & , getting  and continuing to curate a with a substantial following. and just, well, be pretty cool. now Madelynn has launched . and it’s good.

is more than a shop; it’s a labor of love. Drawn from collaborations with like-minded friends, WEL seeks to form a relationship between visual artists, designers and those who wish to inherit beautiful objects into their lives. e see ourselves as a “communal well” to partake of art and beauty – a place to celebrate the creator, the cerated and the space between.

features products with collaborators I’ve featured on the blog including Young Frankk, Jujumade and Another Feather, as well as Winsome, Dust & Form, Carrier Pigeon and Jesse Draxler. Photos: . Styling:  / . Patterned Painting:  / .

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