just shot the lookbook for Canadian outerwear brand . the company was established in the seventies, and quickly became synonymous with finely crafted, Canadian-made jackets and parkas that stand up to the demands of an unforgiving climate. they have had a see the entire lookbook .

Like the Arctic sun after which it is named, Northern Sun has returned from a brief winter’s hibernation. The newly risen Northern Sun carries the same commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless style that defined the brand from its conception. A partnership between Canada and Switzerland, Northern Sun manufactures everyday goods that are equally inspired by life in the city and experiences in the outdoors.

Photography: . Styling: Redia Soltis. Makeup: Jennifer Latour. Models: Chelsea and Wes.


  1. That final shot is so stunning! Makes me want to go on a wild adventure

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. I can’t wait to hike again when the temperature cools down.

  3. oh! what beautifully romantic photos! As a camping family, we will definitely be looking at this canadian line. xo

  4. This lookbook gives me a serious case of wanderlust – lovely photos!

  5. Beautiful photos as always. Those jackets sound great! I would want the puffer vest.

  6. Makes me quite excited about a colder weather!! They look so cosy and adventurous =)

    Teffy { }


  7. I love the pics too and the general idea is lovely BUT the people look really unhappy and possibly like not even very nice people – in a not very nice relationship! there is no radiance or sense of love and fun. interesting….

  8. Love your blog! It’s like daily treat ;)
    I created a Slidely slideshow from your posts (it’s really cool, each photo links to the relevant post). Hope you like it!

  9. Why I created it? To put it on my Facebook with a mix of your posts so my friends will get a quick pick of your cool style :)

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