get ready for an entirely nonsensical post combining my love for food and fashion. outfits good enough to eat? food good enough to… um… wear? no matter! just enjoy it for what it is.











oh yes, i don’t follow many food blogs myself (just because it would be laughably impossible to browse on top of my already escalating subscriptions to hundreds of fashion, lifestyle and personal blogs) – so if i ever feel like some food inspiration i look to the amazing boards of ,  and .


  1. Amazing! I love when you do these side by side posts, one of my favorite things!


  2. Love this! Hope you make it a regular feature, nothing better than pretty food and fashion photos and you are so good at matching the colours.

  3. Hmm…not sure if I want to eat or go shopping now! (both)

  4. There is already a quite good blog based on this (they give the recipes too though)

    It’s this one: , it’s quite genius

    I really like your mixes too!


    -The Red Dot-

  5. Oh fuck yes, this is the stuff, Diana! So excellent.

  6. Olivia Waterkeyn (@LivLoo)

    Amazing! <3 Love your work!

  7. What a beautiful post. Love the colours. Especially the blueberry and rhubarb jam and lumber cake ones.

  8. I always love food and fashion but never once thought of combining both. You have really creative sense of bringing all the rad things together. Love it! :)

  9. I LOVE this! My two favourite things.

    Thea Natalie @

  10. I love the fact that we have shared so many wonderful food moments. Miss you and hope to see you very soon. Love to all the Mosses!

  11. love the idea! These made me hungry and the same time inspired by the fashion.

  12. One of my favourites posts EVER!! Love your work!

  13. Wonderful post! What a lovely idea. It’s almost lunch time here, perfect timing.

  14. Love it! Great work.
    Nothings goes better with a pretty outfit than a delicious lunch :)

  15. Ahaha, it was only a matter of time. This looks great and delicious and now I’m hungry…

  16. Enjoy it I did. Understatement. You just combined my two most absolute favorite things: delicious food and delicious clothing. The post makes total sense to me. The pink lemonade and lovely blush colored dress were a perfect match!

  17. I love how you always see the beauty in everything and how you manage to blend them together and make them look like they belong to each other and just didn’t know it.
    Awesome post :)

  18. I can’t even begin to describe to you how obsessed I am with this post.

    In life, I usually describe things I like as something I want to eat, or as food, especially clothing, because they are two of my favorite things.

    But this post, it is perfect.

  19. This post is beyond scrumptious!!
    Amazing comparisons!
    x kat

  20. An inspired combination:) That first one is so spot-on!

  21. yummy. amazing. you will start major trends with this one, just wait.

  22. love this! two favorite subjects glued together happily.

    my favorite is the lumberjack cake.

  23. I love this series. Beautifully and deliciously done!


  24. That is so lovely, I wanna curl up and live in your mind.

  25. what fun! and what beautiful colors. your music mixes and visual combination/collage posts are the BEST!

  26. Meredith

    Love this, thanks for sharing a few of your favorite things!

  27. um, i loved this! didn’t find it the slightest bit nonsensical.. everything seemed to be perfectly in sync with one another. gorgeous & inspiring photos!

  28. I love this, I want to pin all of it to my Pinterest (as is always the case with your blog) x

  29. Nope, makes total sense. I’m drooling over both the food and the fashion. Eye candy on both sides!

  30. This is absolute magic. love your combinations.

  31. this is great!
    like i work with art and fashion – you work with food and fashion!
    i love your creative and open mind!


  32. So cute! Much better than my simple offering from a while back…

    Thanks for brightening my Friday.


  33. wow, this looks amazing!!! i love this idea!!!
    great food and great fashion

    love K

  34. so impressed once again!!!
    i mean really where did you find red ice-cream?!!! just lovely and inspiring :)
    thank you.

  35. This is insanely fabulous. I just keep looking at it over and over again. Thank You!!!!!!

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  37. You’re so clever! I LOVE this post! In fact i actually love your whole blog, I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented on here (shame on me). x

  38. Thanks for the inspiration. This is one of your best posts yet.

  39. Love this! So well done! Added some interiors here :)

  40. Holy crap, the blueberry name + long scarlet coat combo = PERF. I dig.

  41. Clearly awesome!! I have no words to describe my love at this site…^_^

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  43. Such a wonderful post! The combinations are great and each set tells a story on its own.. Loved it! :)

  44. really really great combination i think. so fun tu watch!

  45. Fashion just got even delicious-er!! Such an awesome idea. xxx

  46. Nonsensical?!? This is one of my favorite posts and a great way to blend food and fashion. I can really see how the food and styling look similar. I would love to see more posts relating to this one!

  47. This serie featuring fashion and food photography is super creative! I wish I had this idea! ;)
    I often think in my food photography work to create a link between what I love in fashion and what I love while shooting food! Your post inspires me A LOT! Thanks!

  48. this is one cleaver and ingenious post, love it



  49. This post is absolutely amazing! The colors matche so well together!
    Love it :)

  50. AMAZING! the colour swatches are just perfect.
    as a food blogger obsessed with fashion, this post made me triple swoon.

  51. This is just exquisite! Will keep in touch with this lovely idea!

  52. Bonsoir, les photos sont magnifiques j’adore celle avec la glace bisous.

  53. These are so perfect! I love all the pairings. The colors of each are just right!

  54. love it!!
    should go on
    Does one of these creations inspire you?

  55. Those are such lovely and pretty dresses. I’d like to have those kinds of dresses.

  56. Just found this via Bon Appetit. I love it! You perfectly capture the tone, color and feel of every outfit and food. Simply wonderful!

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  58. Chef Tyrone Hunter

    Love it!!!!! Bring 2 different styles to life…. As a chef, I would love to see how far this goes…….

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  60. oh-my-dear-goodnesss, this is amazing article! i’m glad that i accidentally discovered this blog, :::-)

  61. no need to justify… it’s not nonsense, its beauty!

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