i totally fall for the stereotype of a certain type of man on a motorbike (and i’m talking a certain kind of motorbike, too) denim, leather, boots, scruffy facial hair –  i mean really. badass.

all images courtesy of the always wonderful . if you wish to peruse more motorbikes and the cool dudes who ride them, and other awesome vintage stories & imagery – do pay it a visit.

oh, this pic isn’t from TSY – but i had to include it, as it was the only good part of that shitty movie and made me go ooooooh for brad like i was 12 years old again.

i would also like to petition that don draper appears on a motorbike at some point in mad men season 5. yes?


  1. I have to agree with you, there is just something about guys like these.

  2. Yes, please, start that petition and I will be the first to sign it! Can you believe Don is engaged to his receptionist? WHAT? Not that sweet Dr. lady?!! But seriously, Don Draper needs a leather jacket, aviators and a motor cycle. (haha)

  3. this very last picture with Pitt transmits so much freedom.
    (loved the movie too)

  4. my fiance has a motorcycle and i can’t tell you how sexy it is to see him ride it (and ride with him!). i’m definitely in the same boat as you.

  5. Kate Bickmore

    oh my god yes. love me a man on a motorcycle.

  6. Don Draper would look wonderful even as a truck driver as far as I am concerned…but thanks for the eye candy here

  7. OMG! Don Draper HAS been on a motorcycle…. sort of. He guest starred on 30 Rock and can be seen riding a motorcycle! Not in a suit, looking smoldering, but still.

  8. so good to know that (a) ladies love the motorbikes and (b) everyone wants to see don draper on one.

    how about we petition to see don draper naked… too much?

    • can’t believe i haven’t seen that yet! wallpaper size needed.

  9. Bonnie Flame

    Don Draper on a motorbike? Oh, I am SO down with that!!

  10. dylan doubt

    more than a couple of these images shot by the great scott pommier.

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