fantasy outfit #5… total price: $8000 (R58,500) uuuum. yes okay, it’s mostly from net-a-porter.

man-o-lantern it’s been cold this weekend! just when i was babbling about it being so warm and un-winter like the cape decides to pull one of it’s classic rainy sessions. so this fantasy outfit is based around a fuck-off warm jacket. sometimes i feel a bit bad about shearling… but i eat lamb so who am i to talk? don’t hate me, vegetarians.

ps: perhaps one day i will look back and be amused at my choice of shoe, but i am quite taken with swedish hasbeens and any kind of wooden platform. oh well. pps: there’s a cup of coffee in there… yes there is.

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      too bad i didn’t actually get to wear one this winter! that sheepskin would be a bitch in summer…

  1. LOVE that sweater. Markus Lupfer can do no wrong. Have you seen the sequin perfume bottle one?


  2. it’s been cold!? we wee supposed to come back tomorrow but we’ve extended our trip a bit. hoping to come back to warm weather in september!

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